Sweatcoin – know what is it and how to start


Generally, Sweatcoin is an app that is free to download and the app runs in the background as well as measures the user steps and rewards with Sweatcoin. You can get these rewards and redeem when you have enough amount. After installing it, you have to fill some information about you such as name, email address within few minutes.

Begin earning points

Having registered, you will get 1000 points which are equal to 1 SweatCoin. If you want to earn more points then you have to start walking or jogging. The points of your walking turn into coins. You can also have or earn gift cards when you recommend it to others. These coins can be earned Paypal or Amazon gifts.

Types of rewards

Your walking step gives you rewards or points and then you can convert them into coins. But there are some other types of gifts and rewards can be health products such as protein bars, energy drinks, running shoes and sometimes digital watches and electronic items.

More ways to earn more than 5x Sweatcoins

  • There are some more ways to earn more Sweatcoins. These are below mentioned:
    • You should create your Youtube channel and tell about Sweatcoin.
    • You can posts photos about it by HASHTAGS on social media.
    • You should also use Quora to have answer question and get more clicks on your link.
    • Keep people interacting about it by comments and share it on popular links and profile pages.
    • Google Plus use can drive traffic in low amount so you it.

Why Sweatcoin?

You should invest in Sweatcoins why? The answer the major reason is that it improves your overall wellbeing and health. In this way, you keep yourself active in future.