Hay day gameplay guide and what are important features things in-game?

There is no doubt that Supercell is one of the best developers for the gaming community. After the popularity of clash of clans Supercell made up their mind to release a new revolutionary game which was ‘Hay day.’ Hay day became the fourth most popular game after Clash of clans. Hay day earned more than 30 million dollars in a single month, which was really a positive indication for Supercell and their newly launched game.


Hay day is farming concept based straightforward game. In the game player have tasks regarding harvest crops, raise livestock, clearing land, and make goods for sale and make a profit for your farm and earn coins. Your farming goods will increase the level of your farm, so the player will make their farming experience one step ahead. Coins are the major currency in the game. With the help of currency player can purchase farming lands, animals, grow trees, and many more things can be done.

You can also make money from this game by selling your farming things which you have grown and also which you don’t need in your farm. At the beginning of the game, the player really needs to crop everything you can because, in the beginning, you do not have a lot of money and resources. But as farming keep going, you can earn money and sale those things and can purchase better resources.

Ways of earning money are following –

·         Never run out off seed in the farm, always keep few crops in the farm, so you don’t need to purchase seeds again.

·         Always grow slow growing plants in the night or working hours.

·         Never bother the visitors who come to your farm because they will only come for purchasing something.

·         To fill the coffers, use the roadside stand.