A quick introduction of gardenscapes 

For all the game lovers there are many different types of games are available, but everyone has their own choice some people like action games and some likes adventure games. For those who like to play puzzle simulation game, gardenscapes is the best choice. It is a top-rated game, and more than 10 million people install it on their devices. It is also a good source to reduce the stress level in a simple manner.


  1. Always try to gather the all piece of apples, leaves, water drops and many more things.
  2. You should find more gnomes to upgrade the level quickly.
  3. Bring all the lemonades down with the help of the swiping down to the gameplay.

Way to get more lives         

In the game, you will face difficulties in the hard situation, but you have to complete all the levels quickly to save your lives.  If you want to play the long game, then you have to spend all the lives on hard missions.

Coins also play the very important role in the game, because you can’t upgrade your garden without using new things to decorate. If you have enough coins, then you can easily buy the lives in the future. You also have the option to use the real money ir by using Gardenscapes Cheats to earn more coins. You can also use the real money for buying the important things to decorate your garden. Moreover, when you are not able to complete the level with given moves, then you can buy the extra movies by spending the 900 coins for it. By using this step, you can get only five extra moves for that match. The game gives you 50 extra coins as a bonus after completing one level. You should try to complete all the levels by saving the moves to earn more gifts by the games.


In my opinion, it is good to use the more lives in the hard tasks in place of early times. You can make the game easy for you by using all these tips while playing.

Ark Survival Evolved- Strategies for Beginners


The ARK Survival Evolved is most popular mobile game. It is recently launched on Android and IOS platform. The Studio Wildcard Adventure launched it. In it you have to greater resources, create tools and build your shelter to survive. The virtual world or game looks like the real world. You also create own character. After many levels, the dress-up level will be open automatically.  You can also create own home. Many crafts tools and items are available in the game. All game is full fill from adventures. We also called that a Survival game. The exploring island and other adventurers are available. So many levels and tasks are also available in it.

How to play the game-

Firstly download it in your device. Many ways are available in how to play the game. So today I will tell you how to play it

Make your Character-

The character is the most important role of game. To creating your avatar in-game choose gender, race and size. After many levels you able to change your avatar look. Many different controls are available in the game for different body parts movement. After downloading the game that is the second step for play game. The character of the game looks like the real character. With this character, you attend all challenges.

Make own home-

Player owns a home very important. In it, you can make your own home with the help of things. So time many players invest their lot of time and resources in building forts. But the own make home is the best way. Before making the home, you need to craft some different parts of your home. From these all things, you make own home in it. These items are following.

  1. You need for making home four foundations.
  2. The walls also have an important role to make the home. So you need 15 walls.
  3. Roofs are required. The amounts of roofs are four.
  4. Safety for home one door required.
  5. And one doorframe is also important.

If you have these all items, then place all in your Hot Bar. First, you make room for building materials if you don’t have sufficient space. Form this without open the bag packs you took the item. Always start to make the home with foundations. Touch on the hot bar and drag it into place. So these are things must be required for making the home in it by trying ARK Survival Evolved Hack.