A Full Guide about Currency in NBA Live Mobile

NBA live Mobile is a basketball video game, and it is all about sports activities. The game is full of various heroes and live matches, so we need to be skillful for it. The gameplay is hand for all the players, and it is open to worldwide users. There are lots of tournaments and leagues for fetching a high amount of currency. In the gameplay, the currency is the most desirable part, and everyone is radical for it. Anyone can install it by Google store or official game website.

 Major currencies:

In the game various elements are present, but the currency is essential for going forward in it. Coins, cash, and Rep are used as currencies, and you have to be smart hack them with The NBA live coin hack. This hack is the quickest option for grabbing the currency. In this article, we are providing a full guide about each currency type of the game.


Coins are an unavoidable currency, and most of the matcher requires such currency for playing. You can get it in several ways and go with auctions house for it. A high amount of coins are making your right position in the leagues.


Rep is a special currency for the showdown mode, and you can grab many things by investing it. This currency is mainly for adding token packs in showdown matches.

 NBA Cash 

The cash is paid currency of the game, and we can get it by only spending money. It is a powerful currency for getting more stamina and different kinds of items. The users can level up by it, but we need to save for winning in big challenges.